Top picks for car seat head support toddler

In addition to having plenty of activities to keep your children busy in the car on long trips, it’s also important to make sure everyone is well rested. Traveling can be very tiresome, especially for children and toddlers. Nap time is extremely important for everyone on your trip — including the parents!

One way to make sure your child is well rested is to make sure they are comfortable and can actually sleep while they are buckled into their car seat. There are several types of child travel pillows that are available depending on the age of your child. One of the biggest problems that travelers of any age have is trying to sleep upright.

There are car seat travel pillows that work well for toddlers. Also, just a general child travel neck pillow. Finally, there is a nice travel pillow option for older children.

These are my top picks for car seat head support toddler:

Noodlehead Travel Buddies – Neck Pillows

Adorable with a capital “A”

The common travel pillows are rather plain and boring. Even the ones made for children. The clever people at Noodle Head changed all of that. They make the most adorable Travel Buddies to keep sleeping heads comfortable, to be used by kids 18 months of age and up. There are 16 cute animals to choose from! The material is soft. It feels like one of those expensive teddy bears with a silk-like nature to the material. In fact, these are not silk and can be machine-washed.

Seat Belt Snoozer – Travel Rest

Travel Pillow for bigger kids

Soft and cuddly, the Seatbelt Snoozer is sure to grant your wish of many hours of highway rest as you attach this to the seatbelt and snuggle in for some shut eye. These are large enough to be very comfortable, yet small enough that they will not be cumbersome in the car. The two straps hold it firmly in place on the seatbelt and it is a nice L shape, so it curves with your body’s natural shape for added comfort and ease of use. It also offers a nice cover that comes off for washing when it becomes soiled. Available in multiple colors, so you can find the one that best suits your liking. These are a GREAT addition to any road trip!

Sunshine Seatbelt Pillow

This super soft pillow wraps around the cars seat belt and satys in the car so its always their when you need it. Now your little ones can does off comfortably and with confidence as the car seat pillow cradles their heads and lets them sleep away long car rides. This pillow can also be hooked to the seat belts in the front seats as well , in case some adults nap time is required on those long trips.

Cradler Adjustable Car Seat Pillow

The Cradler Adjustable Head Support gently cradles baby’s head while holding it upright with any 3 or 5 point harness. Soft and snuggly, the Cradler adjusts to grow with your child from birth up to five years.